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Plastic Injection Molding & Mold Making Process

  • Quick Part Quoting on New Molding and Transfer Tooling
  • Submit Sketches, Prints, Drawing Files, or Part Samples for RFQ
  • Part Concept to Full Production Capable
  • Inventors and Entrepreneurs Welcomed
  • 100% Complete Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

American Molding and Plastics offers its customers several service options dependent upon your company’s specific molding or tooling requirements.

AMP can provide complete injection molding services for existing tooling or transfer tooling in any volume of production required. All we need to get started is a part print or part sample, material specification, mold configuration, and volumes. AMP will then be able to quickly provide a quotation for your review. AMP can also offer complete repair or modification onsite of any transfer tooling.

AMP can also take your product idea and develop it from concept to production in a seamless straightforward process. Some of our largest and most successful customers have quite simply started by coming to us with a brainstormed idea or product concept roughly sketched, literally on a napkin or notepad. We embrace this type of opportunity and as a team along with the inventor or engineer we work closely together on the part concept, part design, part drawings, prototyping, 3D modeling, mold construction, tool sampling, part qualification, packaging, and full production.

It is critical for you to have a team that is capable of providing injection molding expertise for a diverse range of plastic products of all sizes, shapes, volumes, and applications. AMP offers complete quality control programs to meet and/or exceed your expectations and requirements.

The AMP Team with its knowledge and expertise in the processing and volume production of precision injection molded parts will provide a complete comprehensive solution for all your injection molding requirements, period. Let American Molding and Plastics prove to you our goal of 100% complete customer satisfaction by molding a business partnership with you from plastic.

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