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  • Mold Making and Mold Repair Onsite
  • Precision CNC Production Capabilities
  • Complete Part and Mold Design In-House
  • Single Cavity to Complex Multi-Cavity Tools
  • Aluminum, Pre Hard and Hardened Tool Options

American Molding and Plastics offers complete, in-house, mold making and precision CNC machining and repair services. It is a critical advantage that AMP can offer all its customers the efficiency, security, and economic benefits that are gained by having the key capabilities and knowledge onsite to design, build, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain all of its customer’s injection molds.

AMP is on the leading edge of technology utilizing integrated CAD/CAM capabilities. We have full CNC Mill and Lathe machine tools allowing us the ability to perform high speed hard cutting and 3D contouring. We also utilize EDM sinker and traveling wire EDM CNC machines.

Today, we have so many tooling options and mold material selections. Since molds are expensive to manufacture we consult and then cater to your specific financial, engineering and production requirements to then exactly match the correct tooling specifications. AMP uses a variety of mold materials, such as hardened tool steels to achieve the longest lifespan and wear resistance for high volume production. Pre-hardened tool steels for decreased lead times, medium volume production or larger components. Aluminum alloys for shorter lead times, low volume production, prototyping, and/or proof-of-concept.

Whether it is a proto-type mold or a complex multi-cavity, two shot, valve gated, hot runner, unscrewing mold we will apply all our experience to every project. Even before the design phase begins a conceptual format is applied to insure the most efficient approach to your mold build project is being utilized.

AMP also has long-term, close working relationships with multiple off shore tooling providers that allows us the option to provide a lower cost alternative without the normal associated high risks. AMP will provide the essential security and take responsibility of managing the project from design to shipment. AMP can then perform modifications, re-work, or tweak the mold as necessary all in house to obtain the desired mold and/or part performance.

Communication is the key to success and we welcome a high level of communication during every aspect of the mold build process including initial mold design, base and plate options, cavity layout, runner configuration, mold trials, process optimization, and final production.

Let American Molding and Plastics prove to you our goal of 100% complete customer satisfaction by manufacturing your plastic injection molds.

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