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American Molding and Plastics offers all its customers a complete, in-house, turnkey, plastic injection molding service. AMP uses current state of the art equipment throughout all its manufacturing operations. Plastic injection molding is a common manufacturing process for producing precision plastic parts in volume quantities relatively inexpensively. The injection molding process consists of the high pressure injection of molten thermo-plastic material into a mold which has a core and cavity that forms the polymer into the desired shape. Plastic injection molding machines basically consist of two main parts. A clamp unit that holds and allows the mold to be opened, closed, part ejected, and also applies a force to press the mold halves together during the high pressure injection of the plastic material. The injection unit consists of a material hopper, an injection ram using a screw type plunger and a heating unit. The rotating ram and injection screw is used to feed the raw granular material from the hopper into a heated barrel. It is also is used to force the melted plastic through the barrel nozzle, into the mold runner, through the mold cavity gate to then fill the mold cavity or cavities.

We mold plastic products from a variety of thermo-plastic resins including ABS, PP, PC, PS, HIPS, LDPE, HDPE, TPE, TPO, SAN, ASA, POM, PBT, and Nylon. We also work with filled and non-filled thermoplastics, as well as with GRP and additives for UV and FR.

We currently supply plastics components to a host of industries in multiple markets such as automotive, medical, electronic, pool/spa, caps, closures, packaging, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, household, disposable, erotic novelties, personal, recreation, display, toys, and furniture.

Let American Molding and Plastics prove to you our goal of 100% complete customer satisfaction by molding your plastics parts.

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